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Used acoustic canopies and containers for generating sets in stock 

1) Unused 'old stock' canopies (x 2 in stock) as used by FG Wilson


 External dimensions of canopy (approx.)

1600mm long x 900mm wide measured at BASE

1000mm high 

3) Acoustically treated walk-in non-ISO type container (unused/unpainted) with personal door. 
External dimensions of container (approx.)

Length: 3500mm, plus length of an external attenuator if required
Width: 2300mm
Height: 3700mm

Internally the container would house a generator with a maximum length of about 2500-2700mm long x 1100mm wide, subject to airflow considerations and for an allowance to walk-round


Building 12, Marsworth Airfield South Site, Long Marston Road, Marsworth, TRING, Herts, England, HP23 4FE