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Generators decommissioned and removed from sites mainly in England (often London), Wales, Scotland and Ireland

A generator being removed from an office block in London

T.W. Generators Limited has experience in the decommissioning, removal, and disposal of surplus or redundant generators.  Generating sets are typically decommissioned and removed from site when they;  come to the end of their useful life’s, they are taking up space that can be used for other purposes, or for dilapidation reasons, as leased or rented premises often need to be returned to the condition prior to occupancy.     In some circumstances the generator can be installed in a basement, on a roof or in sites that can sometimes provide removal challenges and specialist skills and equipment.    When this specialist service is required we would appreciate being contacted with details of your equipment removal and salvage requirements?.  We can view and formulate methods for removing generators in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and other countries.  We have particular experience of working and de-commissioning generators in London and the Home Counties.

Building 12, Marsworth Airfield South Site, Long Marston Road, Marsworth, TRING, Herts, England, HP23 4FE