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T.W. Generators Limited has for sale and stocks used generators



62kVA Deutz model BF4M1012E water cooled diesel engine coupled to a Mecc Alte model ECN34-LA/4 alternator. The set is mounted in an acoustically treated canopy with base fuel tank.  The set has 2816 hours on the clock.
Dimensions: 2200mm long x 850mm wide x 1500mm high

In stock  

100kVA Perkins model 1104C-TAG2 water cooled diesel engine coupled to a Leroy Somer alternator. The set is a FG Wilson model P100P2 set and mounted in an acoustically treated canopy with base fuel tank and two lift up doors.  The set has 55 hours on the clock and built circa 2008.
Dimensions: 2800mm long x 1100mm wide x 1500mm high

In stock  

1000kVA used generator powered by a Perkins model 4008TAG2, 8 cylinder, in-line type diesel engine.  The engine is coupled to a MarelliMotori model M8B400MB, 1500rpm, 50hz single bearing alternator. The set is an ex-standby set with 79 hours on the clock and built circa 2000. 


Due in soon 

1250kVA used generator with a Perkins model 4012TWG2, "vee" type, 12 cylinder, turbocharged, air-air-cooled/air-to-water charge-cooled diesel engine.  The engine is fitted with a mechanical fan driven radiator, 24vdc electrics and water heater.  The engine is coupled to a 1250kVA/1000kW, 1500rpm, 50hz, 3 phase, single bearing alternator with automatic voltage regulation.  The engine and alternator is mounted on a heavy duty steel base-frame.  The FG Wilson model 4001E Automatic Mains Failure control module/instrument panel is mounted on alternator end.  The separate circuit breaker panel is fitted with an ABB type SACE E2 breaker.

The used FG Wilson model P1250 generator has the option of being supplied "skid-mounted" or mounted in a walk-in acoustically treated container with: 2 x doors, internal fuel tank, control panel, roof mounted silencers and roof mounted air inlet attenuator.   


The unit was built circa 1999, is an ex-standby set with 145 hours on the clock.


Dimensions: 9000mm long x 3000mm wide x 2900mm plus 2500mm high for the attenuator (in the container),


5400mm long x 2100mm wide x 2400mm high (plus silencers, fuel tank and circuit breaker panel) for the "skid mounted" version



Available now

Further details and images of the above used generating sets available on request



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